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screen reader etc.
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I need some information about problem for couses made with Courselab and screen read and other deviace for person with disability.

Hi Rosalba
That is an interesting question.
I imagine that you'd want to have areas of text and have them read out to the user. I would think that a sound file in Courselab would be best, trying to use an external system is too dependant on the actual system the module is being used on.
Similarly you could use voice control but only if it is available on the system using the module.
It wouldn't be very easy to add these as components to courselab itself.

For the content if you have a look at the American accessibility laws and the way they are used in web pages you'll find that you can adopt these quite easily to Courselab.
In windows the inbuilt screen magnifier can always be used as well at the users discretion.

What do you feel the problems are or will be?
If you define the problem then it is easier to come to the correct answer or ask the right questions here.
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