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Hi everyone,
As some people have already noticed I've put together a quick web site at http://nickj.php0h.com/ I've called it Friends Of Courselab.
The intention of this is to build a collection of answers to lots of the FAQ's associated with Courselab and it's use so there will be some basic tutorials both as web pages and as downloadable modules. This will let this forum operate properly as a place where the 'hard core' problems can be posted by users and help provided by other users or the Development team.

I hope that the all the Courselab users will support this venture and provide the content. At the moment you won't find very much there but to get things rolling Bob Price has kindly passed his passing variables tutorial module which is available. There are a two others I've produced, my vertical scrolling menu and a cloze activity. So more are needed!!

Just for fun I will also add a page courtesy of Google analytics that maps the hits on a global map and update it about once a week.

At the moment this is being served from on a free hosting server, apologies for the advert at the base of the page and the pop up it tries to spawn [:mad:] . If this takes off then I might have to move it to fully commercial hosting but free is better as it costs Ј$0 [:D]

Any contributions of code etc can be sent to me at njames @ gotadsl . co . uk
I'd prefer Courselab modules either as the bare base files or published CD content and preferably no more than 500K when zipped. If you can add a short description that would be great.

This site is getting better and better! Thanks so much, Nick.

I'm still working in Authorware so I don't have time to check things out here too often. But someday...

Anyway, Nick, I am very interested in the Multi Menu sample, but can't seem to get it to work. I extracted the files and put them all in a folder. Then I am not sure what to open up. I tried opening the "auto run" file, and that gave me a link, but it says it can't find the start.html file. When I find that and open it, it's blank.

Any hints?
Sorry for the lags in updates, work is busy and I've got back ito web development with a few commercial websites. All eats my time :(
Anyway we have some new bits and pieces!!
Bob Price has sent in a nice Quick start guide, the multi module menu has been overhauled and re-zipped so ought to work.

Anyone with anything else to share?

Couldn't get the QuickStart to download today, got a 404 on it
I'll sort that this evening Bob
Done.. Gimme more stuff people

Now I'm off to play with some db schemas
Sheesh I build a beautiful app in java (Wavemaker is a cracking app) with a solid sql back end and IT insist it's got to be in access, VB and asp.. Can't use NET past 1.1 either :(
So I'm off to covert and generally degrade the lot into a pile of limping M$ junkware that might even remember what was inputted last
Shame the ONLY good VB is Ozzy Victoria Bitter, MS could learn something there but not sure what LOL
Quite probably an OOPS!! on my part there. I'll rebuild the zip and repost it.
This is a cool initiative Nick. I've got some leftover templates I've used for a project way back. Maybe you can have a place for that? BTW, that cloze activity demo you have, actually simplified my life [:p][:)]
Thanks Joserey, happy its been useful to someone!!
I'd be happy to add some working templates.
Oh should the site should have a little walk through on using agents in a few days

njames @ gotadsl . co . uk
Hey Nick,

I've found a way to separate the scoring in a test. I've emailed you the working file. Maybe you can have a look at it and if it's worthy... you can upload it in the website.

New stuff, Liza's contribution should be available soon and in the meantime we have a 'How to' just posted.
This is about putting more than one module onto a CD, DVD or folder using a single menu to open any of the modules. Step by step using nothing more complicated than notepad.
Thank you so much for putting this together, Nick
The adverts and a few other issues were really annoying me so I've paid for some new and much better server space. As well as a the name of www,friendsofcourselab.info we now have a huge ammount of space AND UNLIMITED download bandwidth [:D]. I'll re-post the site after a few tweaks
So give me stuff to put on it as it's your site as much as anyone elses..

Anyone think a wiki for our collected wisdom would be a good idea? It would be open to everyone to add their experiences and expertise.
Nice idea! I'd love to see a repository of samples where we can all share some stuff pulled off with actions and stuff...[:D]
That is what there is already L O, just needs content 'donated'
Hi all,
The new Friends Of Courselab site is up and running. At the moment I've simply moved the old site to a new location.
Over the next few weeks I'll be adding a few new features
WIKI .. We definitely need a wiki
BACKEND .. This should seamlessly(ish) migrate to a CMS style of content management.

The new address is:

The old address will redirect you
Thank you so much for putting this together, Nick
Thank you so much for putting this together, Nick. I think it will turn into a fantastic resource for newbies (like myself) as well as current, more experienced users.

I encourage everyone to contribute!
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