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Frame navigation object disappers
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I am using frames quite extensively as subunits of a slide so that the slide is the main point I want to drive home and the frames are subunits of that. The frames should not advance automatically i.o.w. it is not an animation.
I discovered that I had to put a frame navigation object on the first frame of that slide and then set it to display for the rest of the slide. I also had to set the advance property to "Wait for action". The advance property for the last frame in the sequence has to be set to "Immediate" B.T.W. that was not clear anywhere in the documentation, but I might have missed it. (The software is free isn't it - I am not complaining :-)
However, whenever I go to the previous frame the frame navigation object disappears - is this normal and how do I rectify or work around that?
I know this is a pretty old thread, but I thought some other people might be trying to do the same...
I found another way, that seems (at least to me) to work the best: (1) create a second master slide, (2) add the Frame Navigator to that master slide (rather than the frames themselves), (3) change the slide (that holds the frames) to point to the new master slide.
I use this to "branch-out" of a main presentation into a demo and return, upon completion, back to the main presentation. I'll post an example in My CourseLab, if anybody is interested. Let me know (either here or at razvan(dot)radulian(at)why-what-how.com).
Cheers, Razvan:)
Hi, Marius,

yes, that's how it works. When you press Back on Frame Navigator, it starts again previous frame (and not the first frame of the slide where you have defined frame navigator), but there's no Frame Navigator object on this frame, therefore it disappears.
Quick workaround - attach DISPLAY (your frame navigator object) to suitable event on every frame (for example onafterdisplay).
Dear Slav

I have tried what you suggested - added the DISPLAY action to the AFTERDISPLAY event of the frame but it still does not work!

I have come to the conclusion that the frame navigation object does not work as it should or as one expect it should.

I have tried all the following ways without any success:

1. Frame navigation object is added to first frame only. Set to display for rest of slide. Set AFTERDISPLAY action of next frame to DISPLAY the relevant object which resides on the previous frame. Result: I can navigate in a forward direction but not in the reverse direction. The frame navigation object still disappears.

2. Frame navigation object object is added to first frame only. Set to display for rest of frame. Set AFTERDISPLAY action of next frame to DISPLAY the relevant object which resides on the previous frame. Result: The Frame Navigation Object does not display on the next frame.

3. Frame navigation object is added to each frame. Each is set to display for rest of frame. DISPLAY action is not used. Result: Only the first frame navigation object works - the next one displays but does not work.

I've tried various permutations of the above e.g. having frame navigation objects on each that display for the rest of the slide, hidden frame navigation objects that should display at the AFTERDISPLAY event ect. all to no avail.

If anyone has got it right I would appreciate a HOW TO.

I have left it for now as I had it at the beginning with the frame navigation object on the first frame displaying for the rest of the slide. It allows the user to navigate in a forwards direction. I will most probably create my own buttons using the GOTO "frame" action at this stage to get around this problem.
hi marius, i solved this problem by adding the display function to the BeforeDisplay, not in the Afterdisplay event. It works for me.[:)]
Dear Julirose, thank you for sharing your solution, I'll try it out.[:p]
Hi Marius, have you tried this one? I saw a bug, or something wrong with this one...

So the scenario is, we display the frame navigator on the first frame, then set it to display on the whole slide.
then set the afterdisplay event on each frame so that one can still see the frame navigator as you switch from one frame to next or previous.

As I was testing this, all controls work properly fine, next, previous (except the end, i think this one doesn't really work). All work, except for one particular combination of actions:
Coming from the first frame, clicking next would give you the 2nd frame, then clicking previous would bring you back to the first frame, then after that, the frame navigator buttons won't work anymore just like that. This only happens if you press previous from the second frame. If you press start instead, from the second frame, the frame navigator button still works.

Whew, sorry for the long post. I just want to clarify if this issue happens to you as well. :)

Thank you, Slav, now that you explain it this way it sounds quite logical [:)]
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