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MSGBOX Not working in 2.4
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Hi all,

I have just donwloaded the new version 2.4

But it wont let you put any text in the action MSGBOX feature. When it says Text: and you type in what you want it to say in the msgbox it just says "error in expression" What a pain. I might have to uninstall it and put 2.3 back on. DOH! [:mad:]

Hi Robbie, all you have to do is surround the text with double quotes - ie. "I am a message box"[:)]
Got to be hoping your software is more timely than your response to the post here Ronan
Hi, Robbie!

In fact, it's quite easy to make it work - just enclose your string in quotes. This is because of expression syntax (you can use math, string and logical expressions in action parameters starting from 2.4) requires strict difference between numbers and strings. Strings must be in " or '.
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