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Agents / Latency
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Hi, have yet another question.
I've created a Role Play module using the agents. The module works great in preview and from CD, however, when I publish it as SCORM and put it onto my LMS. There is very high latency. For example. At the start of the screen, the girl agent slides onto the screen instead of walking in, then some seconds later, she does the WALK action. everything else keeps going, such as text bubbles etc... making the whole thing an utter mess.

Any suggestions?

It almost seems like the module loads before the agents animation does, thus causing this problem.

Thanks in advance for your support.
Hi, Mike!
Yes, I think that agent action are delayed because of agent's SWF loading delay. To be sure that SWF is loaded you can include the same agent on previous slide (or even on master-slide) with Display property switched off. Then SWF will be in browser's cache and will be available almost immediately on your slide.
Hi Slav,

Okay I've tried that. Doesn't work, still having the same problem. If you'ld like I can set you up with a temp. LMS ID to my system and you can take a look.
Hi, Mike!
Yes, if it is possible - please send me login info to support@courselab.com.
Hi I'm having this same problem too. Has it been resolved?
Thank you Slav.
I'll try that, and will post the result here. Thanks for the tip!
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