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Dokeos LMS Compatible with Lab Course
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Wanted to know if Lab Course was compatible with Dokeos LMS before I download it. I use frames in my lab course[:p]
Hi, Paul!
We are testing CourseLab/Dokeos compatibility right now. We will post results next week.
OK for Dokeos.
Each Module has a voiice in menu.
The content of the module is not viewed as a separate page but in the right side of the player as a set of pages
I tried to load Lab course into Dokeos. The course name showed properly in the menu. But when the course is completed, the completion status is not reflected, it still shows 0%. What is your experience?
Never heard back re: CourseLab/Dokeos compatibility, any news
Thanks Slav, looking forward to the results of the Dokeos/Course Lab compatability testing.
great! something to look forward too. i'm not totally satisfied with the LMS-courselab combination that i have now.
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