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How do I make sure that all the modules in a course can be launched in sequence in an LMS or in Internet Explorer? Currently, I have to go to each module folders like 1,2,3 etc and use Start.htm page to lauch the modules.
Usually it is the LMS task to provide learner with right module sequence and control it. Unfortunately, you cannot define the sequencing issues (that are available in new SCORM specification) in current CourseLab version (though it will be implemented in future versions).
When you use simple launch in IE. then there is no control at all on sequencing. But there's the hint: for this situation you can publish the course with "for CD" option, then you will get autorun.html which contains links to all course modules.
If you mean the possibility to launch next module right from the module - there is no such built-in possibility. You can insert the link manually but this approach may result tracking troubles, when use LMS.

I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can I insert the link manually? If I use the GOTO action to make a link, the only options to select that I have are the slides of the current module I am in, but I want to select the first slide of the next module.

Can you please help me with this issue?

Really it isn't what you should do.
They are seperate things so when you have finished one you have finished it, done, over with. You close it and move to the next discrete stand alone module.

If you want to run them all together then make the course with all of the modules nested below it.
I have the same issue... I made the course with several modules under.. I'd like to link a slide with of module with the GOTO action...
Outside of an LMS you're effectively stuffed.
Rather than a goto page on each module a simpler method is just to make the launch page and set out a list of the pages.
Drawbacks, well nothing about your users progress is remembered, again you need an LMS for that functionality.
Barend is handy with flash and there is a SCORM API you can use with flash so it could be possible to make a custom launcher that remembers some of the status messaging between sessions. You'll probably need to know action script to make changes to it though so possibly not an ideal option.
The ultimate answer however is an LMS so you can control progress through the modules.
sorry but how can i make modules nested
Thanks Slav.

But I have another question. I uploaded the SCORM 2004 package created by CourseLab to Moodle. Everything seems to be working fine, except there is a X button to close the module. When use clicks it, he will see a message "Module window will be closed. Are you sure?" But when OK button is clicked, nothing happens. Is there anything that I need to implement in CourseLab?

Some CourseLab templates are designed to use in separate window. That's why they have "Close" button. Moodle uses frames to open courses and Close button cannot close entire frameset (not enough rights to perform this operation). Just remove Close button from Master-slide of your module, because it is not functional in frameset.
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