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Crash on Powerpoint Import
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each time I click Tools - Import PowerPoint, Courselab crashes right away, no event log entry, it just poofs.

Not sure if it is related, but I have to register CourseLab at every start, which is a pain and probably generating a lot of messages on your side too.

Dear Juergen!
We've found that you are using too old build of CourseLab (your build stamp in database is 20070529, you can find build number in menu Help - About...) with PowerPoint Import Pack. PowerPoint Import Pack can work with builds 20070605 and later. Please remove old version of CourseLab and install the newer one (it can be downloaded <a href="http://download.courselab.com/cldownload/courselab_2_installer.zip">from here</a>). Recurring registration requests may have the same reason - version conflict. Please update your CourseLab and install PowerPoint Import Pack on new build.
Also feel free to e-mail us at support@courselab.com.
I tried a fresh install on a different PC and could start the Powerpoint Import for the first time. Unfortunately things did not work well though.

1. the module I paid for asked for activation. I stopped using Adobe products when they simply turned off the Golive activation server preventing people successfully from reinstalling the product ever again.
2. After choosing the PowerPoint Presentation File and press Next, nothing happens at all.

Juergen, do you have any version of PowerPoint installed on this PC?

on the PC where the crash happens, PP2007 is installed. On the PC, where the import doesnt happen, I have OpenOffice installed.
Thanks for the fast response.
I now dont have to register every time, but the PP import still crashes the main program immideately upon click.

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