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Crash when swapping Master template
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Not sure I am doing this correctly but I somehow altered the master page and tried to apply the actual template I was using in the course. The action of loading the correct template onto the master page caused a General Exception error and crashed the application. How should I replace the correct template as the opening page?
Dave, usually replacing templates takes three steps:
1. In Master view select "Templates" in right panel and insert suitable template into the module. Additional master-slide will appear in master-slides list.
2. Switch to Normal view. Note, that when you add new template one extra empty slide (based on added template) is also added in the end of the slide list. If it is not needed - delete it. Select all slides (or only these where you want to change template). Select Master option in slidelist context menu and select new master.
3. Return to Master view. Now, as final step, you can delete old master-slide (if it is not used anymore by any slide).

If you will get exception error - please inform us at support@courselab.com. Please include CourseLab build number (About menu), and as much details as possible on action sequence that lead to this error. It is very important to us to find and fix that bug.
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