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Do you believe course lab will start charging for this software in some form in the future ?
Very little is free in this world....
Hi Tony, Looking at the software so far it's certainly as good, if not better than some of the 'mature' commercial offerings I've trialed.
They could easily sell it but are trying to make the income on low cost add ons which will make lots of users lives much easier.
Push the name as much as you can and it's more likely to remain free or at least low cost for the base applicaton.

Just incase keep an eye on eXe a kiwi elearning generator. It's free and getting better each release.

Nick, you're absolutely right. CourseLab will remain free as long as it's widely used. At least, we have no plans to charge for base application.
Thank goodness for that.
By which I mean, I enjoy it so much. In my job, they will not let you talk about a product that costs money. It's too hard to convince anybody. The PowerPoint importer will probably be bought eventually by my group though, once I get CourseLab used by more people. Then, CourseLab will have made money. If they never offered this for free, they would never get any money from my group. It's really a smart move by them if you ask me.
Hi Support team,
I have a meeting with a some colleagues who are starting up an C/LMS for the 'local' hospital group (3 major hospitals, 6 small ones plus many other community hospital and medical service sites) and virtually all the other medical services across the county of Gloucestershire, UK.
I will be demonstrating how easy Courselab is to use for people who lack the skills to code content in platforms like Dreamweaver or Flash and just need a simple content generation platform.
Good luck with your excellent product.
Nick James
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