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I am not able import PowerPoint into 2.4 free version
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Just downloaded the free version of Courselab...And is unable to import ppt?

When i click on import from power point it tries to reach to the following URL:
404 - Not found

Please help...
AK Salim
Dear Kamal,unfortunately PowerPoint Import (along with other Extra Packs for free CourseLab version) is discontinued since commercial version (which contains all features) became available.
With due respect that should have had limited rather than disabling it...this is what i saw with another product...Anyway ... thank you very much.
Would that be Articulate Presenter? If so remember the $700 (?) it costs gets you the conversion to flash from PPT. T0 add quizzes you'll also need Quizmaker (only $600) and to round your work off Engage (another $400).
They also do a bundle deal at $1400.

As you will have seen the commercial version of Courselab is a snip at $499 without maintenance or $699 with. Both less than Articulates Presenter alone!
You do get a functional PPT importer and a nice screen capture workflow which is very good for software teaching.
Hi Kamal if you look at the comparison chart (from the top menu Products) you'll see that this part isn't freely bundled in with 2.4. If you really want it then you can buy it, I think it was $100.Wether you need it depends on what you are doing, if you are trying to move many PPT files over then it might be, if you only have a few then it won't be.I'd say don't use it anyway, after import you still have to change the page layout so why not use this as an opportunity to make the material more interesting using the functionality in courselab.You can always run courselab and powerpoint side by side and just copy and paste the graphic parts over. *IMPORTANT NOTE* Remember any text that is cut from ANY MS product (I really do mean ANY of the Office family) will be littered with html formatting codes that will seriously mess up the text formatting in courselab. It WILL take you ages to clean this up. If you are doing much cut and paste from word files or PPTs it is significantly easier to open the docs in Open Office OR cut from MS into something like notepad first to clean out the formatting codes.
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