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Arabic and Hebrew
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Does the arabic version work from right to left as it should?

Is there a translation file I can use to make it work in Hebrew too?

Is there a way to work right-to-left in the English version?

Is there a way to create multilingual content for the same learning application and have a translation workflow?


Hi Tuzor, the text encoding should follow whatever has been used in the module BUT it won't change to match the specific users system defaults.So what you use at the outset is what your users see there after.Having workflow match language is difficult in simple web pages, in this kind of complex page..... sorry it isn't going to happen Tuzor


Added note: 2.4 doesn't come in any localised versions so you would need to change all of the custom text items in the question objects too

2.7 does come in some localised varients
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