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Can't check - select questions randomly
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Hello, I am currently testing the Courselab 2.7 trial version for its technical capabilities. To finish my very first web-based-training I'd like to add some kind of test with e.g. 10 randomized questions out of a pool of 25. As mentioned in the second post of this thread http://www.courselab.com/view_doc.html?mode=forum_entry&object_id=5846355372475563076&doc_id=5799960992579148569

I tried to check the box for randomized questions in the regular test object. As in the attached screenshot demonstrated, the box isn't shown greyed.http://postimg.org/image/ymkxinup1/For every question the correct answer is identified. Still, I can't check the box independently of the question type or amount of questions added.I would very much appreciate your assistance.Michael
Dear Michael,

this was the bug in dialog of this object (overlapped controls - Random checkbox was overlapped by Questions list). It is fixed in latest build (130403), which is available on download page. Please download this build an re-install CourseLab. In case object dialogs will look the same after installing new build - please proceed to menu Module - Update objects (this will force updating).
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