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Can't find animation
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I'm new at my job and I have to take over some existing courses from my colleague who did this job before me.Now I'm trying to figure out some animations he used. I can 't find where they are in Courselab he hasn't used the timeline or frames...One thing I've noticed is that all the objects that have animation on them, have an icon on the frame structure pane. Next to the icon that shows the object has an action, there's an icon that looks like a square with 2 rectangles in it. Does anyone know what this indicates? And how I can change anything to it?


Dear Katja,

Meaning of these icons is described in CourseLab 2.7 Help. Though version 2.7 has more features, main elements are the same in 2.4 and 2.7, therefore using new Help may be useful anyway. Please go to CourseLab 2.7 WebHelp and proceed to Interface > Task Pane > Frame structure.

Your colleague had probably used visual effects and delays. They can be configured from usual object's Format dialog - please proceed to Handling Objects > Controlling Display Time chapter in the WebHelp.

Thanks for the information!
I can certainly use this WebHelp in the future!
And it helped me to find the solution to my problem now...

There weren't any effects or delays on my objects, in fact the object wasn't really visible (that's what the icon means). So there had to be a trigger to make it visible... And I found it on the actions of the slide. The objects are made visible on the 'afterdisplay' event...

Thanks for your help!!!
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