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i use test object. but i don t know how show the result of the tests
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please help me.
The object will show what you tell it to, you need to set the variables to use in the object.
From the object library, select simulations and then results by selection.
Right click the object and select properties.
Use the scales tab and select the variable you have used to collect your score

how connect test object to results by selection object until show me count of true or fulse anser?
That's not what it does unless you tell it otherwise, that is why you would use an LMS where the API passes the results to the LMS. Exactly what it passes depends on what you want to send and what the LMS can consume.
Trying to make something do more than the basic design courselab gives you means a little more work for you, but it is possible and relatively simple to do this.

# Just set up two two global variables, right & wrong.
# Add a few actions to the questions objects that capture the response to answers, that is if correct add one to the total held in variable right else add one to wrong.
# At the end the object would need to be told to show the totals in variables right and wrong.

You can also use the variables in pop ups etc so could, if you have the module on removable media, have a custom results display at the end of your module.

Dear James
thanks a lot

I know the way you suggested but I don t know how to do it.
where should I define the variables and how can I add variables to the previeus one?
how can I define the variables "global"? and how to apply + & - operations?
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