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Movie launched as a button work around
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Greetings all. I play all my videos in my modules as mp4's. They are stored in the course, (locally) because I am using old computers. The system has worked well for me, but I was never fond of the look I got when inserting a external file object. The little white rectangle and words I added were just not as sharp as I wished.

Today I had a eureka moment and solved my dilemma. I made a button as I normally would, but placed it furthest back. The I created my external file object, and simply made it transparent. To the user, it looks like they are clicking my button. To me it seems like joy after 6 months of trying other ideas. =)

If there was a smarter way to accomplish this, let me know. I am really just posting this in case I lose my mind and have to figure it out again at a later date...
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