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Add Modules to LMS-does not show completed
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I have several modules that were created by someone else. I have loaded them to our LMS. Problem is, some of the Modules show completed after I go into the Module online and others still say Enrolled. I cannot tell what is making some work and others not?

Another issue I have is that when I go into my Module Fodler in my network drive, some of the Modules will not open up. The title pages are there but the error says: Course lab the module could not be opened. Line: 3 Pos:168 Whitespace is not allowed at this location.
Where did they go or how do I get them back??

Thank you for any help you can give me!
First issue ... You need to set some OBJECTIVES which can be simple like a score being achieved or a specified page or pages having been opened OR a combination of the two.

Second issue ... The file has veen corrupted, there is an error in the xml file which describes the page. This is at the point indicated by the error so line 3 168 characters in there is a space that shouldn't be there.
The problem is that this is unlikely to be the only error present.
Why?? Might be the way the server unzipped the files, might have been there before you published the module, might be many things. It isn't really clear why this happens.
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