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As have been shown to control all flash objects on the page?
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Long ago as community consultation could control all flash objects from a page in my class had shown before advancing to the next page. Someone from the community gave me the following instructions: "If they open on a click or some other trigger then ...At the page level set navigation afterdisplay an action to disable the page advance button.At the same time create a VariableOn each click or whatever object the action is to trigger the flash objects add one to the variable-Check if the total variable = the number of objects then use a navigation action to enable the page advance button.And That Should do what you want "But I have not solved the problem. More precisely, the first part of the solution itself that works for me, but not how to add the variable to each object on click. I need your help urgently. Thank you.
whoever you are, and why not leave some information, it's really helpful as I prefer to help people rather than do free consulting/training for businesses.

It is all done with actions.
Actions can be assigned to the page itself or any object on the page. There are a wide range of these in 2.4 and 2.7 that give you a huge ammount of control over what happens.
If you want to do anything other than simply drag objects onto your pages then you need to understand actions. So start reading the manual especially the part on actions, then start thinking and planning what you are trying to do. Make a little flow chart then look at what actions there are available and which can be used for each step in your flowchart.

Another solution which is very simple to implement could be based on this idea already posted in the forum
This can be used with any page object(s), in your case you just add another action on the last button to enable page navigation.
So if the NEXT button is disabled when the page opens using an ondisplay navigation action the user can go no further without running through each flash object.
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