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Questions over several modules
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I have created a course with version 2.4 and every module have some questions on the end of every module to complete.

For instance I have a created a SCORM with 9 modules and in every module i have created some questions and current result page.

When all the 9 modules are completed i want to have a overview of all tests over the several modules and from these results of all 9 modules it must be calculated if the student is passed the test or not...

Is this posible?
They are seperate discrete items, management of results like this really needs an LMS as the modules can't really communicate to each other.
I would imagine that you are doing this with standalones, that is running off of a CD or other removable media. In this case there is no 'memory' of what has happened with each module in the past. This needs a database and leads you back to using an LMS.
You might be able to use a flash object or the flash scorm api to push results elesewhere but that would need some custom coding to work.
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