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Problems with using sound files
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Version 2.4 - Does anyone know of issues when Publishing, as sound and video doesn't work? The sound is a simply mp3 file, and the video a simple .avi file.
AVI's simple??? There are two main types (I & II) and about 100 different codecs that can be used depending on the software that encoded it to start with. Some are common and some aren't so may or may not be present on the users PC.
Likewise MP3 with a huge number of codecs and encoding options.

What is most likely is that the file hasn't been copied over. Sometimes the manifest leaves out files like this in 2.4 so you should:
* Search through the published module to check the files are there, if not just copy them over to the folder named 1 and subfolder images
* Use clear names with an extension, eg sound.mp3 or video.avi , don't assume the extension will be interpreted correctly by the web browser displaying or playing it
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