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Copying and pasting the slides
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When I launched my course on SCORM Cloud a few months ago, the beauty was that no student could copy and paste the text on the slides except those I allowed them to print (with a Print button from the object library).

I just found out that it is now possible... Could you let me know whether there is some file in the course Lab module that I need to change or alter in order to prevent anybody from copying and pasting my course?

Or is to do with the SCORM platform?

Hope someone can help me with this issue.

It is more to do with the fact they are html pages Isabelle. Anything that is displayed on screen can be copied either from the page itself using a simple text highlight and copy it, even if this is not allowed or disabled then copying the text on screen, screen grabbing or looking at the base html code all allow the text to be copied.
You can disable right mouse clicks on web pages but it is childishly simple to bypass and offers little security.
The only 100% reliable way you can prevent this is by not displaying the text on screen !!

Sadly you can do little to prevent this.

For images you can recode the image so that it contains a hidden text meassage (steganography) so that if yopu have custom images then you can pull the message back and prove 'ownership'.
For text there isn't anything you can do.
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