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Frame/slide transition problem
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I'm new here and I have some problems.

I installed CL version 2.4 free and I created some slides with more than one frames.My problem is that without changing anything in the advance setting if a frame consists only of text boxes and images the transition is so fast that the frame doesn't have time to appear.I tried to fix that by doing some experiments:
-tried to uncheck the strict navigation box in the previous and next slide buttons
-tried to change the above buttons' action to go to next --frame-- on click
-tried to reset what I did above and set the advance setting from immediate to wait for action then created a button to activate the next slide button which uses the enable access to button method on the next button.

While the button worked and all frames are set to advance:wait for action it skips the frames and shows slides only. Trying to change the buttons next/previous again doesn't solve this.

Any solution to this?Please I'm desperate!

Thank you!
you should create a frame before other your frames in one slid.that this frame is empty.
then right click in slide on list of slides and choice "advance" and choice "wait for action"
then click in first frame and right click and choice "advance" and choice "immadiate"
then in next frame you should make a button in this frame and by a action (go to ) direct this frame to next frame.
this frame should be "wait for action"
last frame should be "immadiat"
in fact first and last frame should be "immadiate" bute between frame should be "waite for action"


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