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We have a series of training programs which we are converting from Authorware to Courselab. The ultimate goal is to put them into an LMS. Is is better to put them into one course with a bunch of modules or should we make each program separate? We have about 50 programs currently. Thank you for your time.
It depends on how you want to deliver the material, your concept and requirements.
A course will be a structured collection of resources / modules. If you use an LMS then you can define the course as being from a series of smaller modular units and other resources. This will then allow you to reuse the modular units in other courses if the content is applicable.
I'd have..

--module #1
--module #2

It's neat and logical with the LMS controlling the linear path through the content, it's easier to change the modules and content to reflect changes AND allows you to reuse the modules as components in other courses.
Thank you.. That is what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure I was correct in my assumptions. Thank you.

Hi Rebecca!
We are a small school for students school help (student support, learning support) in Brazil. We are at final phase (costs) of our first project with CourseLab, a "Basic Math Course". Have you developed some Math Course? Conversion from AuthorWare ran OK? We are looking for ideas to improve our CourseLab Course. Thanks in advance. Hugo Gattoni.


No, our training is safety material. It took a while to move the files over from authorware because we didn't want the fonts and other formatting, so all the text was moved to notepad before it was entered into courselab. Many of the images were replaced with new so that wasn't as difficult. We went with each training module as an individual unit which makes changes much easier. Amazingly even after moving to courselab and the LMS, we still have customers using the old Authorware training. It is with hope to figure out a way to create a standalone computer based system using courselab or other software because there are still many companies that don't have internet or email for their employees and prefer the computer based system.


Thanks Rebecca! Your answer is very good!
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