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Interested in buying CourseLab in Spanish
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Good morning,

We get in touch with you because we tested the Spanish version of Course Lab and are interested in acquiring it.
We are a training company and wanted to know the price of the product, which is included in the price, if it is in Spanish version and what documentation to prove that we are delivering training center.

Thanking you in advance for your attention, Yours faithfully
If you look at this page http://www.courselab.com/view_doc.html?mode=doc&doc_id=5812878095607947490 it lists the regional partener that Courselab has. For Spain that is http://samoo.es/ they have localised copurselab into Spanish so it shopuld be the same as the demo you tried.
If the Demo was OK then talk to them, the demo will be the same except it will not expire or have any limitations applied to it. If any documentation is required then Samoo should also be able to provide it.
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