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No sound, images or scoring
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Hi everyone,
I uploaded a course to the Litmos LMS and ran in IE 11. The above happened and only text showed. the same uploaded course ran perfectly in Firefox. Is there a procedure to configure IE to run Courselab courses.
Hi, David,

probable reason: this LMS opens the module in embedded IFRAME and sets strict IE mode or strict DOCTYPE for parent page. CourseLab (2.7) module needs IE compatibility mode to display correctly. The module tries to set compatibility mode automatically on launch (it contains special instruction for browser to do that), but new IE has very strange feature - it does not allow child page to have mode or doctype that is less strict than the parent. Unfortunately this cannot be overrided, the only good solution for now is to remove strict mode/doctype from LMS parent page (it actually is not needed since LMS pages are usually very simple and there's nothing actually requiring strict mode or doctype), but this is not always possible. The only tworkaround seems to be to launch the module in separate window (without frames or IFRAME) - also not always possible.
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