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Publishing takes too long
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We have just bought a Courselab 2.7 license and we have taken a course produced with the free version (Courselab 2.4), we have deleted most of the content and modified two slides in order to test the publishing. But when trying to publish, either for CD or SCORM, the PC hangs, and the same happens when we try to delete the resources not used within the course.

Do you have any idea of what may happen?

If it helps, we are working with Windows 7 and the pc is using only 25% of the hard disk space.

Thanks a lot.
Sounds more like a problem with windows than anything else.
So looking at the locked files, are you seeing a message like 'the action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program' if you do you need to open the task manager and see if there is still an instance of courselab running, kill the process and try again.
As an example, if you have imported a file from say Outlook and outlook is stil open it can 'own' that file and it will be locked for deletion.
Open the folder the files are in and disable folder thumbnails, this sometimes helps to unlock files.
If you still get the lock and hang then open task manager then click on the Processes tab. Look for 'explorer.exe', select it and end the process. This will cause your taskbar and desktop to vanish. Bring up Task Manager again, then click File > New Task (run). Type explorer.exe and hit enter to restart the service.

Another problem can be if a file is written onto a bad sector of the hard drive, it's logged as existing but the OS can't remove it and you can get a hang.

However your problem sounds like its more to do with explorer which is a key function in windows. Do you have any other odd things happening at anytime with other programs or the desktop??
I've been trying all the possible solutions, but the problem remains. The only thing I couldn't check is if there is a file written onto a bad sector of the hard drive, as I don't know how to do it.

When I went to the task manager, I ended both the explorer and the chrome processes, but it didn't work either.

I'm not aware of having problems with other applications nor with the desktop.

I don't know, may be I could send you a screenshot of the task manager or the course I'm trying to publish.

Thanks for your help.
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