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Is the makeing of individualised E-Learnings possible?
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is there any way (maybe via Javascript) to inject XML or html code from an external file into a lesson?Or is it somehow possible to turn on/off a lesson with a config file?

Useing of a LMS is for this project not possible.

You need to be a bit more specific about what you are trying to do.
The main file that is interpreted to make the modules displayed content is an xml file, the structure is quite complicated and it takes little to break it and stop it working.
Modifying the compiled module... not so easy as you would have to change the content of the main file containing the content of the module.
Modifying specific objects.. not so easy as you would have to know the object ID within the module and agaion modify the main data file.
You could have a main structure and have a series of named html pages in an iframe which would allow you to change content.
So not really that feasible.
Turning on or off again what for and why? This assumes you deliver by removable media and then allow access to ABCD, ABC or a similar combination of parts. Possibly a code could be entered by a user that just disables or enables navigation to certain sections of a whole module. A bit like a learning path through the who;le content. That would just need some IF ELSE statements to work

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