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Current Results object properties
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I have made a course which contains three test with different objectives. I want in a slide to display the final results of the three tests using the Current results object. If the student have passed a test I want the backgrount to be displayed green otherwise red.

I know that I have to use javascript but I don't know how to do it. Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance!
Make a page, Add a green and red graphic block the size you want add the rest of the page items and make sure the graphic blocks are sent to the back of the display order stack (Arrange .. send to back).
Now add actions to hide the objects, these attach to the thumbnail navigator for the page. The actions will be something like below,

DISPLAY ->hide the green graphic block
DISPLAY ->hide the red graphic block
IF SUCCESS STATUS (Objective="my_objective".Status="Succeded"
*DISPLAY ->unhide the green graphic block
IF SUCCESS STATUS (Objective="my_objective".Status="Failed"
*DISPLAY ->unhide the red graphic block

The * means a space so when the IF is checked the action only occurs if the conditions match.
Remember to have an objective set to match this against "my_objective" or whatever you want it to be called.

No Javascript just simple actions :)
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