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Courselab 2004 with LMS
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Hi,i've used courselab to create a module but the LMS manager says that although it's been published to SCORM 2004, it is also trying to set and retrieve SCORM 1.2 standard values. can anyone tell me how to fix it so that the popup SCORM exceptionmessage stops every time user clicks forward button?Hi everyone, UPDATE: the LMS client says that even though i published to 2004, the module is using cmi.completion_status but also trying to pick up elements like cmi.core.lesson_status. Can anyone help please? I don't know how to fix this.
2) i downloaded courselab again to newer PC and published to 2004 once, now it says there's an error with clouds template but course opens. haven't tried publishing again and it wont produce zip file if I publish in 1.2 please help.
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