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PLEASE help with enabling prev-next buttons
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I started using Courselab 2.4 today.
I like the program, but I have a lot to learn about it.

So far I have not been able to enable the PREV and NEXT button to move through the slides.
I have tried just about anything: played with the actions, checked the help file, searched the community, but it just WILL NOT work.

Anyone who can help, please?
Thank you.
Hi, Frank,

if Strict Navigation mode is permitted in Next/Prev button settings then buttons will stay disabled until all time-paced objects of the slide's frame finish it's activity - please look at the Timeline panel. Or, if there are more than one frames on the slide, until all frames will be finished - look at the Frames panel (sometimes first frame set to wait for user action to advance to next one).
If Strict navigation mode is off, then the only way to disable this buttons - using NAVIGATION action or button's DISABLE method.
And, of course, buttons will stay disabled if there is no prev/next slide.
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