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SCORM Offline Player: m - Learning
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Hey guys,
In the mobile era if you are looking for the e-Learning mobile app, now it is here.
‘SCORM Offline Player’ is the most innovative e-learning product and nominated for e-learning awards 2015 .
The salient features include:
• Live Status on Uploaded Courses
• Direct Links to Download Apps
• Support for more versions of SCORM
And many more.
If you want to know more about it please go to
Probably useful to quote a representative price if you are advertising and declare any commercial interest you have.
Problem with mobile is going to be the content itself, to work you are going to need an adaptive template and the pages courselab generates don't readily lemd themselves to that.
It would probably be much cheaper to set up some server space for a XERTE instance and use that instead.
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