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Permanent license transfer
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I had a laptop which had a motherboard problem which in short means I cannot use it anymore. However, I managed to recover HDD which has CourseLab insatlled.

My question now is - is there a way I could permanently transfer CourseLab licence to a new laptop ?

User manual only mentions temporary transfer (detach).

Thank you
Dear Josip,

full transfer means deactivating the license on old computer. After the license is deactivated we can issue new license for new computer. Please contact support()courselab.com for further instructions.
You need it detached to reinstall it. It must be available as a file somewhere on the PC, never looked myself.
By "detach" do you mean temporary detaching of the license like it says in user manual ?

That should do it ot as Slav says you can get a new licence.
Just be careful if you are using Windows 10 that you use the right hasp key software.

?? That might be correct in the current installer release ??
I have contacted support and managed to resolve this.

Problem solved.

Thank you all for your help.
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