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Limitations of questions per page
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Hi folks,
I'm new to CourseLab and evaluating the package.

Can anyone tell me why for questions, it is recommended not to have more than one question per page please. I would like to display 3 or 4 relevant questions on the same page.

You can do this but using the prebuilt objects makes the page physically large, you should be scaling the pages to fit the lowest fenominator ie the smallest screen size likely to access the material.
If you have custom questions made using actions then as many as you can fit ont a page.
***The real problem***
It's more a limitation of the total questions you can use which is a limitation in SCORM and some LMS systems. The data is saved on the local machine then passed to the LMS. SCORM has a fixed upper size on this in it's specifications, some systems alow only this, some allow more.
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