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CourseLab 2.4 displays blank pages
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I've searched and found issues with blank pages with 2.7 when using certain browsers. I apologize in advance that I couldn't locate resolutions to 2.4. I'm simply trying out 2.4 to see whether CourseLab fits my objectives.I can view slides in Modules fine, but after exporting to CD, these slides have difficulties loading. I've tried IE11 (Windows 8), Chrome 47.0. Thanks for any pointer.
It's how the browsers work.
The opening screen will run but when it opens the next page which has the content in it the new page doesn't inherit the first pages mode.
You need to explicity tell the browser to do this by adding a little to that pages header.
Try this http://friendsofcourselab.info/index.php/learn/ as a starter
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