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Commercial CourseLab v2.7 has been released

Dear CourseLab users,

CourseLab v2.7 has been released.

The new version offers a brand new implementation of all CourseLab objects that is compatible with the latest versions of all popular web browsers. Now, your courses can be really cross-browser compatible! One special thing to be noted is that courses created with v2.7 can be used on iPad (See full What's new document).

Also, v2.7 includes a number of new objects. Among them is a new agent implemented by our partner (Smartway) using the new object technology. Starting with v2.7 CourseLab users are able to create new agents themselves. We will publish instructions on creating new agents next month. Stay tuned!

The 30-days trial version of CourseLab v2.7 can be downloaded here:


Please note that the trial should be installed on a conventional desktop or laptop, it will not run on virtual machines.

Currently, CourseLab v2.7 is available in English, Russian and Arabic, but it the nearest future French, Spanish, German and Dutch translations of v2.7 will be finalized by our partners.

Information about CourseLab v2.7 pricing is available in the Store page.