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how to summarize test results?
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I'm trying to find out an action, so that at the end of a test, the user can see a summary of the questions and especially the wrong answers. I do not want this feedback to be shown during the test.
Hi Greg, I seem to have written this far too many times ..... That's what an LMS or CLMS is for.
If you want to do this outside of an LMS or CLMS environment, say on a standalone CD type of media, then you will need to use a lot of variables to store the values and responses in.
Then at the end you have a page that will show the variable values.
There is no one magic action for this, it's going to be a DIY effort.
Decide what you want to capture and add a conditional action to the questions you use. For example ON FAILURE event set VARIABLE to the value or text you want, do the same for ON FAILURE etc and you have captured what you want.
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